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Best Arabic Language Courses in Jedda: There are just two Arabic language courses in Jeddah that are up to our high requirements, and these sessions are for studying the Arabic language. Here is a rundown of the specifics:

  • 10 Steps Easy to master the Arabic language

Arabic language course offered by King Abdulaziz University

King Abdulaziz University offers the most influential Arabic training in Jeddah, offering all levels of beginning to advance.

The cost is 1200 SR for each stage. One level consists of eight weeks, equivalent to forty hours. In total, the number of levels is 12.

They assign assignments and test to check the student’s progress. Books are available to assist students, and educational excursions and activities are planned to ensure that students taking the course cannot just be able to study but also enjoy a good time too.

Credit certificates are awarded after the course to demonstrate that the students took authentic instruction in Arabic.

Jeddah Cultural Exchange Center – JCEC

The structure of the classes taught by the Jeddah Cultural Exchange Center is beneficial. The price for course Arabic Language course provided by JCEC is SR 2500. The course is also divided into 12 levels and a range of aspects.

The course structure involves speaking in this specific language for daily assignments, constant reading and writing exercises, emphasizing improving vocabulary, and multimedia presentations to provide the participants with an engaging and fun session and an update on the previous course’s homework and lecture.

These activities make the lessons more enjoyable and increase interactions between instructors and students while helping them learn how to speak Arabic.

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