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Cargo Services from Riyadh to Jeddah: There are numerous services available to transport products to and from Jeddah and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to India, Pakistan, or any other country, such as DHL door-to-door cargo by sea, door-to-door cargo via Air, and cargo with Saudi post for a reasonable cost, charges, and rates.

A few days ago, I had to deliver approximately 30 kg of data from Riyadh, Riyadh, India, to New Delhi, India. I was worried as 30kg of dates is an enormous package, and I was sure I would pay far more than I anticipated.

DHL, Aramex, and FedEx

I visited DHL, Aramex, and FedEx to learn the cost of sending 30kg parcels to another country. The rates they offered were very excessive.

  • The cost for a 30kg package sent to Pakistan via DHL is 2400 SR.
  • The price for a 30-kg package shipped to India via DHL is Rs 2,400.

I discovered DHL, Aramex, and FedEx are extremely expensive to ship goods to India, Pakistan, the Philippines, and other countries.

Door-to-door cargo through Sea

The door-to-door cargo service offered via sea collects the cargo from your location in Saudi Arabia. It delivers them to the country of destination, whether it’s India, Pakistan, or any other country.

  • Estimated Delivery Time: 40 to 50 Days.
  • The cost of door-to-door transport from Saudi Arabia to India is 3.50/Kg.
  • Cost of door-to-door freight to and from KSA to Pakistan Price: The rate is 3.50/Kg.

There are insurance charges along with additional charges for electronic parcels, such as refrigerators, for example. They will also charge extra when someone wishes to have their parcel adequately wrapped in plastic.

The door-to-door cargo of Saudi Arabia is a much more affordable and less expensive option. The nearest headquarters via Google Maps.

Door-to-door cargo through Air

The same companies that offer door-to-door service for cargo through the Sea also provide air cargo services.

  • Cost of door-to-door transport coming from KSA to Pakistan Price: SR 8/kg. Estimated Delivery Time: 15 to 25 Days.
  • Cost for door-to-door freight to and from Saudi Arabia to India: 8.8 SR per kilogram.

Door-to-door cargo services are located within Riyadh Batha and in Bani Malik Jeddah. Find their closest office via Google Maps.

Cargo through Saudi Post

Recommendations: How to cargo items via Saudi Post? The fourth option for cargo products from Saudi Arabia to any country around the globe is via Saudi Post. The goods are shipped via air and then delivered to the recipient’s home.

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