Sound to Get Water out of Phone

Sound to Get Water Out of Phone. If you’ve got water trapped inside the phone’s battery, an application or video that plays specific tones that can release water can aid in getting it out. We’ll look at the best methods of removing liquid from the phone using the sounds.

If you accidentally lose your expensive tablet or smartphone in the water, Here’s what you need to do to ensure you have the best chance of saving it.

How can I get water out of the Phone?

Water resistance is among the most striking characteristics. They’re fitted with seals and gaskets that will keep them alive if you drop them into the toilet or a puddle or knock over a glass of water within their range.

What if you own an older smartphone that is not waterproof? What happens if your waterproofing has weaker because of age or damage (a cracked screen or a scratch in the phone’s or tablet’s chassis could let water infiltrate through gaskets and seals)?

Before we move on, It is important to remember that there aren’t any guarantees for this situation. The device may become beyond repair. You only have a few moments, if not minutes, to save your phone or tablet’s existence. Here’s what you should do to increase the chances of saving it.

Materials required:

  • An empty plastic container (and can be used, but the Ziploc style bag is preferred). The tighter, the more secure.
  • An element that absorbs moisture (see further below).
  • A warm environment that encourages drying.

Step #1: Quickly Power Off

  1. It should be turned off as soon as you can.
  2. If phones had removable batteries, switching the battery off was the most efficient method to get rid of it. There is no option to remove the battery now, so you must press to power off your phone.
  3. Please don’t believe that simply since your device is functional, it’s not damaged. It’s dirty water in this manner. Shutting it off will reduce the chance of a short electrical circuit damaging your phone.
  4. If your phone is already off, you can keep it off. Please only attempt to turn it on, charge it, or do anything else once you’ve finished dry-out.

Step 2: Dry the outside

  1. To dry the device’s exterior, use whatever you have, such as a towel, newspaper towel, a T-shirt, etc.
  2. Shake the most liquid you can get out of the ports.
  3. The less water you can get on the outside of the device, the more effective.

Step 3: Emergency drying

  1. Drying is in emergency mode.
  2. Many promote rice as a material that absorbs moisture. However, when I tested it, I found it to be a waste; the tiny particles created many more issues. But most people already have rice; therefore, when you’re unable to find anything else, you can use this rice until you have the money to purchase something more suitable.
  3. What is more delicious than rice?
  4. Other household items that make excellent absorbers of moisture include:
  • Silica gel packs in a pinch, and a few crystals are sufficient. Just place them inside an envelope to prevent them from flying about.
  • Dehumidifying Crystals The crystals absorb moisture. DampRid is a well-known brand (fragrance-free is the ideal choice). However, all of them are similar and contain an ingredient known as anhydrous calcium chloride. Bagged crystals are preferred; loose crystals are also available when placed in an envelope to stop the crystals from flying all over the place.
  1. There needs to be more sophistication in this… It’s as easy to put your device inside the bag with an absorber for moisture, then close the bag, and then place it in a cool (not hot, as you don’t want damage to your tablet or phone) place.

Notice: It could be an advantage if you have a vacuum sealer in your kitchen (typically used for sous-vide cooking). Put your phone and the moist-absorbing product in the vacuum bag and close it. The partial vacuum can cause that water to evaporate more quickly, allowing your phone to dry quicker and more completely.

  1. If you only have rice, you should first use it before going to the market to buy silica gel and dehumidifying crystals. Then, you can replace the rice with better water-absorbing materials and continue drying from there.
  2. If you’re prepared for water-related disasters, consider buying a few custom-designed water-absorbing bags that are explicitly made for electronic devices. They’re cheap and come with an extended shelf time.

Step 4: Now you have two options

  1. It’s the first thing to do is to sit. If the chemical absorbs moisture you’ve selected to do the job, the recommended time is 24 hours; however, 48 hours are preferred. If you’re tired of waiting, put your hands on the floor, turn on the device, and be hopeful for the most effective results.
  2. Alternatively, you can utilize an expert smartphone drying service, such as Redux, that claims to have a substantial percentage of success in recovering water-damaged smartphones. Redux has an 84 percent success rate and has repaired phones damaged by mud, alcohol, or even soup!

Step 5: Prevention is better than cure

The prevention of wetting your equipment at the beginning is a better probability of success than trying to dry it later. Even a cheap waterproof case or backpack can save hundreds of dollars and many tears.

Step 6: Salt water will most likely kill your equipment

One of the most damaging ways to harm your phone is to drop it into salt water (cola is an extremely close second). Saltwater is not only highly conductory, increasing the chance of damaging short circuits as well, but it’s also highly acidic. Even if the device can survive the drop, damage from corrosion can cause it to die for days or even months afterward.

The most reliable method to repair a device that has suffered damage from salt water is to take it apart, clean all components using a safe circuit board solvent, and reassemble it.

Sound to Get Water Out of Phone

Here’s a list of the Top 10 best websites or apps to get rid of water from your phone.

  1. Fixmyspeakers

Sound to Get Water Out of Phone. is an online platform with a water ejection feature comparable to the Apple Watch. When you hit play, the site produces a tone that creates sound waves capable of pushing water from the phone’s speakers.

  1. Water Remove – Sound to Get Water Out of Phone

Sound to remove water from your phone. The Speaker Cleaner Speaker Cleaner is an iOS software that will assist in eliminating any water that has accumulated on the phone. To use Speaker Cleaner, place your phone on the surface with the screen facing downwards, turn up the volume, and disconnect the headphones or external speakers.

  1. Minicreo Phone Cleaner

This site will assist you in getting rid of the water in your speakers with an ultra-low, high-frequency sound at 165Hz. Go to “Fix My Speaker” and listen to the sound on the next page. It’s not necessary to download an application to remove water from your smartphone since this is a site.

  1. Speaker Cleaner – Sound to Get Water Out of Phone

This program generates audio that will take water out of the Android smartphone’s speakers. To make it work, it is essential to adjust the volume to the highest level and then place the phone on the table with the screen facing downwards.

  1. Sonic

Sonic’s Sonic iOS application generates sine wave sounds which allow for simple tuning of the frequency. It’s as easy as moving upwards or downwards on the homepage. The frequency range available is 0-25 kHz. You can also use the app via an Apple Watch.

In addition, Sonic can run in the background while you use other programs. Additionally, there is the premium version which allows you to save your favorite tone.

  1. Gizmodo

Gizmodo is a site where you can push the Eject Water button that makes the speaker on the phone less muffled (get rid of water from your smartphone). The button produces tones that will clear any water accumulated within your speakers. It uses the same sound frequencies as the Apple smartwatch’s Eject Water functionality.

  1. Boost Sound – Sound to Get Water Out of Phone

In less than 45 minutes, in just 45 seconds, within 45 minutes Speaker Cleaner Android app can take water off your phone’s speaker. It’s easy to get the app and then click play. The program has been tested by over 90% of the people who used it, which means it’s worth a try.

  1. KOMA

Numerous iPhone and Android users have had good results using the sound-ejecting KOMA YouTube video. To make the most of it, increase the volume to maximum and play the video until the end. It is also possible to watch the film multiple times, depending on the water remaining in the speaker.

Test the speaker after the video. If they’re still soft, try playing the movie over again. If the video isn’t working, KOMA suggests placing your phone in a bag of rice for the night.

  1. n Beats – Sound to Get Water Out of Phone

A video posted on the new Beats YouTube channel plays water-ejecting sounds. Several users who commented on the video were stunned to learn that this is working. To make use of it, start the video on your smartphone’s YouTube application and increase the volume to its highest setting while letting the movie play.

  1. Tecno Play Oficial

A video uploaded to the Tecno Play Official YouTube channel produces sound waves at a particular frequency. Your phone’s speakers will sound much better after watching the video to the end.


These are the most effective methods to get rid of water in your mobile. If none work, it is possible to send your device to the service center for inspection or maintenance.

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