12 Signs to Help You Identify a Child Kidnapper | Update Now

12 signs to help you identify a child kidnapper: Children across the globe are at risk of being kidnapped. Every country is reported to have a substantial amount of kidnappings each year. Kidnapping a child is not difficult since they are weak and innocent. Additionally, these kidnappers can be skilled and adept at the psychology of children.

As adults, we must be sure to protect our children and be concerned for their security. They establish a connection with their child and become their easy prey. Here are some clues to help you recognize an alleged kidnapper.

A stranger asking for a helping hand

If someone asks to help a child with opening the car door due to the enormous weight on their hands or trying to find their keys or even their pet, it’s an indicator of danger. Ordinary people would not seek help from kids unfamiliar with them and would prefer to ask an adult for help.

Because children are constantly taught to be helpful to older people, they quickly give in to their desire.

Unusual child behavior

A child may be upset and misbehave with the kidnapper. If you suspect your child being unruly with someone else, be sure to take an attentive look at the child, so the kidnapper knows that you’ve observed their face.

Capture suspicious people

Visitors to playgrounds are more likely to become kidnappers. Strangers are more likely to be with the children and become acquainted with them. Even if there is doubt, ensure that you take photos of them in their agreement to let them know that you have photos of them together.

Offering gifts

If someone asks your child to go to their vehicle or home so they can give them a gift or Candy, stay away from people, just as ordinary people will never request children from a different family to go along in their car or home!

Appearing as your friend

Make sure that the kidnapper does their research before selecting their victim. They can tell through social media or other sources who you are and who gifted your child with a bag or bicycle for their birthday.

They will use these details to present themselves as children’s friends and could be able to kidnap them. This is the most apparent indication of the kidnapper.

Re-define strangers now

If you notice your child with an unfriendly girl, woman, or a friendly male, take note! Friendly people could be kidnappers, and children should know that these people can be dangerous. It’s about time to teach the children of strangers that an unwelcome visitor can be more than only one with an angry face and harsh stares.

Asking a child for directions

If you observe an adult parking their vehicle near an infant, asking for directions, and inviting them to get to the car, it indicates being a kidnapper! Ordinary people would seek directions from adults and police or even use GPS.

A free ride

Kidnappers can lure young boys to them by giving them a free ride on a bicycle. What’s the reason to offer a stranger the chance to ride free?

  1. producer tactic

Kidnappers can be seen as photographers or producers seeking beautiful and talented children in play and playground areas. These are kidnappers because actual producers search for children artists at schools and not on the roads.

Beware, as some people will invite your child with them for photographs. Children will readily agree since they will promise fame.

  1. fake police

Nobody would be able to recognize fake police. Even adults have been a victim of fake police. Fake cops escort children. Children are warned by fake policemen who claim they’ve done a wrong action and that they will be taken with them. Actual policemen will always report to parents.

  1. Be aware of your child.

A child-napper will never reveal his name and may even have a child call them various names, such as miss, ma’am, and mister. Be aware that your child does not call an adult by these names. If you spot the child with an adult, and the child isn’t taking the name, it is possible to ask questions and stop the kidnapping.

  1. Age difference

If the gap in age between the child and the adult is evident, the child has likely been taken away. Check for clues to avoid being kidnapped!

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