STC Balance Check, Internet Data and Using USSD Code

How to Check STC Balance

How to check STC Balance: Do you need more credit and want to know what you have remaining on your STC prepay account? You may be looking to track the balance to control your spending more effectively. It’s crucial to know how you can verify the STC balance. In this blog, we’ll provide you with five simple methods you can employ to swiftly and easily examine the balance of your STC and sawa balance.

Now Candidate easily check the STC Balance, STC Balance Check now available using USSD code, SMS, internet and other’s option.

STC Balance Check Using USSD Code

If you’re an STC customer, you have some options for checking your balance on prepaid. The most basic method is to utilize a USSD number ( STC Balance Check Code) by dialing *166# on your phone. This will instantly display your balance displayed on the screen.

By Sending an SMS

Another method to check your balance is to send the number 900 in an SMS. To do that, send the message ” 166” to 800, and you’ll receive an instant SMS with your balance details.

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Through the MySTC App

The third method to check your balance is to use the MySTC application. It is a useful application that lets you control your accounts and track your use. Open the app, and sign in using your login credentials. Your balance will appear at the top of the screen.

Utilizing the MySTC web portal. MySTC web portal

Another option is to access the internet. You can view your SAWA balance and other data via MY STC. My STC online portal. You’ll have to register to the portal using your mobile number if you still need one.

By Calling STC Helpline Number

The last method to check your balance on your Sawa is to contact the STC assistance number. For this, you need to dial 900 and follow the steps. This is a simple way to check your balance, and the system will inform you of the amount. This method can also be used to pay off your bill or add funds to your account.


In the end, reviewing the balance of your STC Balance is an easy and efficient way to stay in control of your expenditures and avoid debt. Following the steps described in this blog post, you’ll be able to effortlessly examine your STC balance and keep up-to-date with your account. You’ll know precisely what to do if you’re required to check your balance.

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