How to check medical insurance now

In Saudi Arabia, medical insurance is a requirement for all expats and their family members. Without medical insurance, it is impossible to get a new Iqama or complete the procedure for an expatriate re-entry visa.

By entering your Iqama number, you may use a service offered by the Council of Cooperative Health Insurance to confirm that you have medical or health insurance in Saudi Arabia. Instead of your Iqama number, you may alternatively use your border number. The MOI Health Insurance systems must be up to date with regard to Medical Insurance. You may use this instruction, “Verify Medical Insurance Validity via MOI,” to quickly examine the information about your online health insurance in MOI Systems.

Using the Council of Cooperative Health Insurance, determine if you have health insurance in Saudi Arabia with or without an Iqama:

  1. Visit the “The Council of Cooperative Health Insurance” website and choose English as your preferred language. Choose “BUSINESS OWNERS” from the list of options, and then select the “INQUIRE ABOUT HEALTH INSURANCE” tab on the left side of the screen.


Just click on this link:

  1. Fill up the textbox right above code with your “Identity Number” and the image code.

If you have an Iqama number, you may enter it in the text field of “Identity No. If you don’t have an Iqama, you must provide your “Border Number.” “, a borderline number. When you first enter Saudi Arabia, an immigration officer will issue you a border number, which is a number between 1 and 10, and record it in Arabic on the entrance page of your passport.

  1. Click the OK button after providing your identification number (also known as an Iqama number or border code) and the image number. The link will direct you to a page that lists your account’s specifics.
  2. Information will contain a description of the Medical Insurance Company, your ID Number, your Policy No Insurance Expiry Date in Hijri and Insurance Expiry Date in Gregorian, as well as the Upload Date for Gregorian and Hijri.
  3. If you don’t have health or medical insurance, you’ll get the notice “You don’t have Insurance,” as shown in the illustration below.

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