Being Kissed in a Dream Islam and What does it mean to see a Chicken in a dream?

What does it mean to see a Chicken in a dream? and Being Kissed in a Dream Islam: Dreaming that you are being kissed or kissing your spouse, girlfriend or anyone else, or kissing the remains of a deceased person has a specific significance as per Islam.

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1 The experience of being kissed in a dream indicates that the person who dreams will gain from the person whom he kissed him. The dreamer can learn from them or receive advice from them.

2. According to Islam, when a man notices he is being passionately kissed by a woman, it is a sign that the woman will receive what she desires from the man.

3 The kissing of a deceased person during a nightmare suggests that the person will benefit from him, like inheritance or acquiring knowledge. If the person who dead is not identified, surplus money will be deposited in his account seemingly out of thin air!

4 However, the sight of a suffering person kissing a deceased person in the dream signifies that they will be dead soon, per Islam.

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5 When a person observes himself kissing an unmarried female, it shows that they would soon become friends with her husband.

6. The act of kissing someone’s eyes during a nightmare indicates that the person dreaming about it plans to lead a life of homosexuality and heterosexuality. This type of dream indicates to the dreamer to not engage in any of these actions and should take control of their desires because if they don’t, they will be hit with a severe illness.

7. A kiss to someone you love in dreams (such as husband, spouse, mother, father or siblings) suggests that one could get money in the future.

8 Kissing an attractive young female while in a dream signifies that the dreamer wants to marry her. If the woman isn’t known, It is just a symbol of the desire to be married.

9. A kiss with an older woman while in the dream reveals that the person who dreamed speaks something that resulted from a tongue slip and now regrets it.

10 Kissing the young child while in a dream signifies the dreamer’s passion for the particular child or all children.

11. The sight of yourself kissing the servant within a vision indicates that the servant wants the approval of his master.

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