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Different hijab styles by country: Hijab is a kind of veil worn by a lot of Muslim women. Hijab is worn to cover both the chest and head. It is a requirement for women of Muslim females to put on a hijab before a non-Mahram. It is an act of privacy and modesty. In some contexts, the Hijab can be described as a cloth covering everything except the hands, face, and feet.

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  • How to look good in a Hijab?

Wearing a Hijab is a requirement of law. Law of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries. Certain non-Muslim nations have adopted laws prohibiting the wearing of the Hijab. However, it is permitted in numerous countries. In many areas of the world, many girls are forced whether or not to wear hijabs. [irp]

It’s all about the personal preference of a woman as to whether she is a fan of wearing hijab or not. If she is wearing it, what kind of hijab should she pick for her? Some people are about faith and conviction, and others see it as part of their tradition. Here are a few different kinds of hijab styles that are popular worldwide.

1-DUPATTA Dupatta can be used for women from Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. It is typically composed of light fabric. There are a variety of dupattas that women from these three countries wear. Some are simple, while others are exquisitely embellished.

Women from Iran, Iraq, and Lebanon generally utilize 2-CHADOR Chador. However, it is also utilized in other nations. It is believed that this Chador is closely associated with Shi’ite tradition adherents. It’s the length of a piece of cloth that is attached to a tiny piece of cloth that is called the head scarf. It covers the entire female body.

3-KERUDUNG Kerudung is a veil that originated that originates from Indonesia. It features a visor made of stiff material that creates an opening between your forehead and the fabric. It is a very well-known hijab fashion worn in Indonesia and the Philippines.

4-JILBABThe Jilbab is among the most well-known hijab styles worn by women from Indonesia and the Philippines. Jilbab is like the Chador that covers ladies from the head down and has an opening in the face.

5-TURBAN The majority of the time, this is utilized by Muslim women from Africa, Sudan, Somalia, and Ethiopia due to the rising temperature and scorching sun above their heads. Turban, as it is known, is a hat that is lifted and wrapped around the head, excluding the neck.

6-KHIMAR Khimar is often the most popular hijab style worn by Egyptian women. It is worn with a style covering the neck, head, and shoulder. It stretches across the abdomen or thighs.

7-NIQAAB It is a very well-loved and popular hijab. Everyone is conscious of this. It is the official attire that women wear in Saudi Arabia. Shoulders, face usually cover the head, and. A slit is made within the eye area to allow for vision.

8 AMIRA Amira is one of the trendy hijabs for Syrian women. It’s a tremendous two-piece head-covering. It is straightforward to wear and doesn’t require pins or brooches.

9-ESARP It is an elegant and trendy fashion of the Hijab widely used by Turkish Muslim women. A square of silk fabric that is elegantly styled to wrap around the neck and head. Women from different countries enjoy this style of the Hijab.

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