Saudi Driving License Appointment at Driving School in Absher

How to Book an Appointment for a Driving License in Absher

How to Book Online or Apps an Appointment for Driving License in Absher: It is required to make an appointment before attending a Driving License in Saudi Arabia. Do you need help making a Saudi Arabian Driving License Appointment check online? This blog post will guide you through the steps to make a driving school appointment using Government’s official website, Absher website.

Saudi Arabia’s General Directorate of Traffic (GDT) has created an online driving education appointment system in the Absher. Participants in Driving courses can now make an appointment on Absher’s website. The following are the steps to follow.

How to book An Appointment for the Driving School via Absher? Just Follow Us

The Absher platform for electronic commerce in Saudi Arabia provided the steps needed to make an appointment with the driving school. It explains that Saudi residents and residents of the country, comprising women and men, can make an appointment via it.

How do I book an Appointment to take a Driving License via Absher?

1. Login with Your Abhser account and verify OTP.

2. Select “Appointments” from Home Screen.

3. Select “Traffic” from the available options. It will lead the user directly to Muroor Appointment Service.

This service lets you make appointments with Muroor to avail of the services you want using features such as booking an appointment, updating and current appointment, Viewing or printing an existing appointment, and cancelling an already scheduled appointment. You can also look up the list of medical facilities.

4. Select “Proceed to Service” and “Book New Appointment.”

5. The next step is to you will be able to select the desired service. For Training in Driving Schools, click “ltdryb fy more t`lym lqyd@.”

6. Select the region you want to visit and click on Next.

7. Select the Branch name of the City, then click on “Select.”

8. In the next section, you will be able to select the date and time of the appointment.

9. You will now see the necessary documents for the chosen service. You will be able to “Confirm Appointment Details.”

10. Your appointment with Moroor has been booked, and you can print the appointment ticket.

The service aims to simplify the process of making an appointment with mirror Saudi citizens and residents of the country and speed up the processes of the Government.

How to check or Steps to Schedule a Driving School Appointment via Absher

  1. First and quickly go to Government Absher’s official website at
  2. Choose “Individuals.”
  3. Easily Log into The Absher Account
  4. Choice Appointments.
  5. Then choose Traffic.
  6. Connect on ” Book New Appointment.”
  7. Choose the ” Training in Driving Schools.”
  8. Select the time for your appointment, and then make sure you complete your appointment booking procedure.

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